Alcohol and Kids Don’t Mix

kids and Alcohol

There is a lot being said about the damaging effects of alcohol on the young mind in the press right now.

According to the team at Murdock Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, teenagers who drink even small amounts of alcohol have significantly higher risk of developing alcohol abuse or risky sexual behaviour as a young adult.

So what can a parent do to educate their child on responsible use of alcohol?

As part of its latest campaign – KIDS AND ALCOHOL DON’T MIX – DrinkWise has launched a brand new fully interactive website,  designed especially to help parents access facts and expert advice about kids and drinking, as well as have their say about the issues.

Parents are invited to select their child’s age and review a comprehensive list of common questions and discussion points, related to the child’s particular age group.

Parents have the option to vote on a particular issue such as “Do you think your alcohol consumption affects your kids?” and the results are updated instantly to reveal the consensus from the active online parent community.

They are also invited to register to become an active contributor and receive invitations to upcoming events.

Highly respected and authoritative experts, including Royal North Shore Hospital’s Emergency Registrar and What’s Good For You host, Dr Andrew Rochford, and family and child psychologist, Dr John Irvine, then provide professional advice on these issues and more.

Chris Watters, CEO of DrinkWise Australia, said the website was developed in direct response to research  which showed that over half (51%) of parents indicated they had insufficient tools, knowledge and support to delay the age at which their child first started drinking alcohol. “We’ve created a place for all parents, no matter what age their children, to go with questions and concerns related to kids and drinking. From pregnant mothers through to parents with teenagers, it’s a dynamic on-line community offering expert advice but also the opportunity to share opinions and initiate parent-to-parent conversations.”

I’ve found it to be a highly informative website. To me, knowledge is power.

Please visit it and share your thoughts here. Either about the website or other information that can help us as parents, help our teenagers become responsible drinkers, now and as adults.

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  • annie

    Just found a great resource –

    Geared toward kids this guide provides tips on how to avoid underage drinking and warns of the dangers of underage drinking. Filled with puzzles and games, kids learn how alcohol affects their bodies and ways to say no if friends offer them drinks.

    This publication is from the Century Council and is provided by the Federal Citizen Information Center.

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