Mind Movies for Confident Children

Motivating Boys A powerful way for children to feel good about themselves is to tap into their subconscious mind. What do I mean by that? We all have that ‘little voice in our head’ that gives us messages right? This influences how we feel about ourselves and what we achieve.

What we sometimes forget is that this voice is ‘talking to us’ is ‘playing along’ in the background even when we are not consciously aware of it.  It will ‘play’ emotional messages; and doesn’t discriminate between good or bad messages that have sunk in there. So if we have had negative input then what will be playing in our heads; influencing how we feel and what we do will be negative. We’ll be filled with, “I can’t…” etc. Or worse… anger when we don’t know why.

In childhood, we have the opportunity to turn this around before the damage becomes ingrained. Children’s brains are not yet ‘hardwired’.

A great tool for helping to make this script in your child’s head more positive is Mind Movies. It is a simple step by step program where you assist your child come up with short positive statements about what they want to achieve and how they want to feel, this is then put with the child’s favourite pictures and music to make a short movie that they can watch each day. It allows you to also play the short movies, in the background of whatever you may be doing on your computer, to help the positive messages sink in even further.

Mind Movies have been around for a year or more, but Ryan and Natalie the Australian developers, have recently enhanced the program and it is relaunching soon. This program is not specifically designed for children, you can benefit from it as well, the marketing is pitched at adults. Your child can become involved in the content section of making a Mind Movie and in the process become more confident.

Here, Natalie from Mind Movies and Amanda from Teaching Children About Money have a quick chat about Mind Movies and Kids

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