Discover your child’s unique learning style

My Learning Style One of the easiest things you can to build your child’s self belief as a learner is to show them, “how they are smart”.

To me, each child is unique.  Each have their own personality and interests and their own unique learning style.

You can see  my “smarts” in the diagram. Answering a few simple questions online can give your child a visual sense of how they are smart. This can lead to your child opening up about what they love to do and also give you both a clue as to the best way for them to learn.

An example of this, if I see one of my students scores highly on “Body Smart” and they have yet to develop automatic recall of number facts (like …three, twos are six) then I’ll go outside with them and play handball and we’ll say the number facts, in rhythm, as we play. It’s fun and takes advantage of their learning style.

If you’d like to use this simple tool with your child to find out more about their unique learning style, go here. There’s an audio as well as a written version, and it’s also available in some community languages. Let me know how you go.

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