How to Motivate Your Child

You probably know that the words we speak to our children have a powerful influence over the attitudes they develop, right? And this in turn, has a huge impact on their motivation.

I’ve discovered this is true, from infancy to adulthood. The child’s development of healthy self-motivation is modeled on what they hear and see in their home/school environment.

But, sometimes as parents we get busy and tired. If only we had a few key phrases to share with our children; a selection of empowering messages, that would influence our child long after we have said them.

My personal research has uncovered, “motivational messages” that inspire your child to achieve success in learning.

You can get your copy of these by adding your name and email over to the right. I’ll send them to you right away.

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  • Ann,

    Thanks so much!
    I look forward to hearing what you have to say on this subject.
    I believe this might just be what I’ve been looking for.


    (Grandmother & full time caretaker of
    my 21/2 & 5 yr old grandchildren)

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