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If you are looking to improve your English in a fun and interesting way then you need to take a look at The Australia Network.

They have a range of programs including

  • Passport to English where you experience what it’s like to sit a formal English Language interview for assessment purposes. You will experience a simulation of the IELTS speaking test. For more information on IELTS click here.
  • Nexus is a collection of stories about Australian life and culture. Be sure to check out the  archives which give  transcripts of each video and  learning notes including vocabulary building and grammar.
  • English Bites is an informative and entertaining way to improve your knowledge of the English language. It also includes a multiple choice quiz, story spotlight as well as transcripts and story notes.
  • The Business of English is a 15 part series for intermediate to advanced English language learners which looks at the language used in every day business situations such as meetings, presentations and negotiations.
  • Study English – IELTS preparation, for intermediate to advanced learners draws on authentic material that you can watch, read, listen to plus study notes, tips and activities for practice and consolidation.
  • Living English is for the English language beginner. The 42 part series looks at the English language used in everyday situations such as checking into a hotel or describing people.

Find them on   You Tube here.

The Australia Network broadcasts Learning English programs around the world for free.

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