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Special Education

home_reading_helpThis is the second in the series, “How to help your child with reading homework.” Last we spoke about helping your child become an independent reader suggesting that it’s best to give your child control in the process of reading, for example they hold the book and turn the pages themselves. Teacher talk for this is being,  “a guide from the side” not “a sage from the stage.”

Today we expand on that theme and answer the question, “What do you do when your child stumbles over words or stops and looks at you, wanting you to supply the word they can’t read?”

Do you just tell them the word? In most cases, my answer will be no. Why not? [click to continue…]


australian_storyDid you see  Australian Story this evening? Parents, Ian and Nicole Rogerson say that when their son was diagnosed with Autism, they turned to the Internet for help. It really struck me, when Nicole said over the years (their son is now 13) they tried some doggy autism interventions, that parents may like some guidance on where to find balanced, evidence-based assessments on the effectiveness of the various interventions and therapies.

I’d like to share with you the following journal articles, fact sheets and government websites that may help. [click to continue…]