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If you have teens they’ve probably got a Facebook page. Is that good? Well, yes, they can socialise, share photos and play games. But, are they safe and is their privacy protected! How can we help them be safe on Facebook? First you’ll need to find out if they have a Facebook page. Best thing to do is ask them! Now, most teens I know are pretty trusting and probably think that they are posting only to their friends, but “friends” can share their information so easily with others that it’s important to let them know how they can keep themselves safe. I’ve found a great website to help you explain this to your teen. It’s called Facebook for Parents Facebook Guide for Parents


kids and Alcohol

There is a lot being said about the damaging effects of alcohol on the young mind in the press right now.

According to the team at Murdock Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, teenagers who drink even small amounts of alcohol have significantly higher risk of developing alcohol abuse or risky sexual behaviour as a young adult.

So what can a parent do to educate their child on responsible use of alcohol?

As part of its latest campaign – KIDS AND ALCOHOL DON’T MIX – DrinkWise has launched a brand new fully interactive website,  designed especially to help parents access facts and expert advice about kids and drinking, as well as have their say about the issues. [click to continue…]

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