5 Ways to Handle a Bully

successinlearningstarIt doesn’t matter whether it’s physical, psychological or even cyber. Bullying is a concern that we need to take very seriously.

If you suspect your child is being bullied, talk with your child and make an appointment with the teacher or school principal to discuss your concerns.

It is also important to encourage your child to report bullying behaviours to a trusted adult at school as quickly as possible after an incident of bullying. Bullying thrives in a culture of secrecy, so telling the school is very important.

Some signs of bullying might include:

• Loss of confidence
• Changes in eating or sleeping habits, possibly bedwetting
• Health problems such as headaches or stomach aches
• Unhappiness or mood swings with sudden temper tantrums
• Reluctance to go to school and changes in academic performance

What you can do:

• Talk with your child about school and keep the lines of communication open so children are more likely to confide in you.
• Encourage your child to feel okay to ask others for help and to keep their own safety in mind.
• Ensure your child knows how to report bullying and to ask you for help when needed.
• Report the incident to a teacher. Don’t try to sort out the situation yourself.
• Make sure you are modelling healthy behaviours to your child, especially in relation to conflict resolution and anger management.
• Help protect your child from harassment and cyber-bullying by closely monitoring internet use and installing free internet filters.

successinlearningstarMake a Poster
Either trace around a hand or take a photo of your child with their hand held out and print. Write one of these above each finger:

5 Ways to Handle a Bully

1. Stand up straight and firmly say, “LEAVE ME ALONE!”
2. Hold your hand out and say, “STOP IT!”
3. Move away to a crowded area.
4. Talk to a teacher, parent or friend.
5. Stay Calm. Talk friendly.

If others stand up and discourage bullying. The bullying often stops.
On the poster write (best if your child does the writing but don’t make it a big deal)
Bystanders have the courage to say, “LEAVE THEM ALONE”

The Power of One Oath
“I will not bully others,
I will not stand by while others are bullied whenever I see it,
Because I have the Power of One”

Kids Help Lines

For immediate help, children and young people in Australia can phone the Kids HelpLine (1800 551 1800) or visit the Kids HelpLine website at www.kidshelpline.com.au

This video shows how Children’s Help Lines Worldwide are growing. Don’t you love it!

For more information and ideas to understand and deal with bullying, visit the Bullying. No way! website www.bullyingnoway.com.au.

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  • sandra742

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  • Denni Morrison

    Hi there
    I am a child care lecturer in a college in the UK and my students have just submitted a very large assignment about the rights of children. One of the issues they had to tackle was how to encourage children to protect themselves and stand up to bullies. Several students have used quotes from your website so I thought I’d drop by and see what it was about. I really love the 5 ways to handle a bully and with your permission I would like to use it in a PowerPoint presentation when I teach this again.

  • annie

    How encouraging, please thank your students for helping to get the word out that children are not powerless, that they can do something to help themselves and others. Bravo! Yes, you are welcome to use this information in your presentation.

  • Liana

    Love your website! I am in 5th grade and wondered if I can use your 5 ways to report bulling! I am in dare! And I wanted to say 5 ways to report bullying… In my dare report! I no thats okay!

  • Yes you can use this. Best of luck with your report.

  • ruby

    im reserching for a speach on bullying and this website hase realy helped me ,thankyou:)

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