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by Annie

Welcome to Success in Learning

I’m Ann E Oliveri (Annie) and I’m a mum of an 19 year old and a teacher with 30 years experience.

I have a Masters in Special Education (distinction) and a Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language from the Royal Arts Society, London.

Over the years I’ve had many parents ask me how they can help their child succeed. My aim is to empower you and your child to achieve success in learning by supporting you with practical advice and connecting you with innovative resources worldwide.

To me, inclusion is the heart of learning.  I write mostly about social & emotional growth, culture & learning English as a Second Language.

I’m  passionate about how children develop into successful readers, particularly the influence of storytelling on their development. I love everything to do with storytelling. To me it’s magical!

Please leave a comment and feel free to email Annie directly.

PO Box 1345

Australia wide
Office 0754 776 551
Mobile 0427452656

Phone +61754 776 551

Skype: ann.oliveri

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