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Happy Kids Festival is the world’s first online festival of family fun. Our mission is to bring together families in a joyous celebration of childhood.

We are dedicated to bringing you presentations that will entertain you, delight your children and nurture harmony, creativity and respect within your family and for families throughout our multicultural world.

Having taught thousands of children, over the last thirty years, I’ve come to understand that as well as enjoying the most polished of performances, children often find lots to giggle about in everyday experiences. So our advisory council has chosen the very best storytellers, artists, musicians, authors, dancers and presenters from around the globe, as well as the best of fun from around the Internet from the heart-warming right through to the absolutely silly.

With our unique blend of carefully selected content, you can be assured that Happy Kids Festival is a safe place for your family. Our Advisory Council has personally selected each presentation, and has carefully screened them.


Tutoring Newly Arrived Students in English can be fun and challenging. Here are some resources to help.

Australian Sites

MATHS DICTIONARY – an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 600 common mathematical terms in simple language

MATHS WORKSHEETS @ Teach Your Children Well – hundreds of worksheets for primary students

From Around the World

BRITISH COUNCIL: LEARN ENGLISH KIDS – Learn English online – games, print and do, songs, stories, writing topics. Designed for younger students.

BBC SKILLWISE – factsheets, worksheets, quizzes and games to help improve your skills in grammar, reading, writing, maths and much more.

FACT MONSTER offers help on topics like geography, maths, science, history, language and social studies. It also has a Skills area that helps with writing, studying and revision techniques.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has a search engine that will bring up information on nearly everything you type in. You can decide whether you need images, written information, maps, and there is also a help wizard if you get stuck.

BBC – SOS TEACHER answers your homework, coursework and revision questions. Look through the archive of questions that have been answered.


If you have teens they’ve probably got a Facebook page. Is that good? Well, yes, they can socialise, share photos and play games. But, are they safe and is their privacy protected! How can we help them be safe on Facebook? First you’ll need to find out if they have a Facebook page. Best thing to do is ask them! Now, most teens I know are pretty trusting and probably think that they are posting only to their friends, but “friends” can share their information so easily with others that it’s important to let them know how they can keep themselves safe. I’ve found a great website to help you explain this to your teen. It’s called Facebook for Parents Facebook Guide for Parents


Bedtime Stories

by Annie

Being a huge advocate of telling your child a bedtime story, I am thrilled to introduce you to a new story over at Happy Kids Festival.

Three Hairs of a Lion is a wonderful tale of patience and love. It’s told by the master story-teller Baba Frejon.

Happy Kids Festival Storytelling

It’s  fantastic resource for parents.



kids and Alcohol

There is a lot being said about the damaging effects of alcohol on the young mind in the press right now.

According to the team at Murdock Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, teenagers who drink even small amounts of alcohol have significantly higher risk of developing alcohol abuse or risky sexual behaviour as a young adult.

So what can a parent do to educate their child on responsible use of alcohol?

As part of its latest campaign – KIDS AND ALCOHOL DON’T MIX – DrinkWise has launched a brand new fully interactive website,  designed especially to help parents access facts and expert advice about kids and drinking, as well as have their say about the issues. [click to continue…]

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