Insects Colouring eBook – Colouring for Africa series

Insects Colouring eBook features 38 fun insect illustrations for your child to colour. Images have been carefully selected by our team here at Raising Happy Kids .Co to be educational as well as fun.   $4.95   PDF Instant Download […] Read More

Compassionate listening through storytelling

Listening to a story can connect the listener to the deeply fulfilling experience of compassionate listening, healing past hurts and validating the feelings of another and thus develop an important life long skill. We rarely have the experience of being deeply heard by others. Most of the time, others tune out while we speak. When […] Read More

Help with Learning

I’m the founder of our wonderful community and I invite you to connect with me here if you have questions about your child and learning. Over the years I’ve had many parents ask me how they can help their child succeed. My first answer is play to their strengths. A child who feels confident in […] Read More

Welcome to Autism Support

We’re here to help! With contributions from leading Autism experts like Dr. Tony Attwood. We have information on early signs of Autism, parents talking about their reaction to their child’s diagnosis of Autism and on how to find help. I particularly like the story of Carly Fleischmann who found her voice by using a computer and the uplifting […] Read More

Honouring the past though storytelling

The National Storytellers Network sees storytelling as a form of human expression where, “there are many cultures on earth, each with rich traditions, customs and opportunities for storytelling. All these forms of storytelling are valuable. All are equal citizens in the diversity of storytelling.”

It is through exposure to this diversity that a rich tapestry of experience is created, which helps the child not only appreciate his/her own cultural heritage but the heritage of others as well.

Happy Kids Festival

Have you visited my kids site yet?   Happy Kids Festival Happy Kids Festival is the world’s first online festival of family fun. Our mission is to bring together families in a joyous celebration of childhood. We are dedicated to bringing you presentations that will entertain you, delight your children and nurture harmony, creativity and respect […] Read More

Help for ESL Tutors

Tutoring Newly Arrived Students in English can be fun and challenging. Here are some resources to help. Australian Sites MATHS DICTIONARY – an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 600 common mathematical terms in simple language MATHS WORKSHEETS @ Teach Your Children Well – hundreds of worksheets for primary students From Around the […] Read More

Bedtime Stories

Three Hairs of a Lion is a wonderful tale of patience and love. It’s told by the master story-teller Baba Frejon.

Alcohol and Kids Don’t Mix

There is a lot being said about the damaging effects of alcohol on the young mind in the press right now. According to the team at Murdock Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, teenagers who drink even small amounts of alcohol have significantly higher risk of developing alcohol abuse or risky sexual behaviour as a young […] Read More

Learn English for Free

If you are looking to improve your English in a fun and interesting way then you need to take a look at The Australia Network. They have a range of programs including Passport to English where you experience what it’s like to sit a formal English Language interview for assessment purposes. You will experience a […] Read More