Help with Learning

I’m the founder of our wonderful learning community and I invite you to connect with me if you have questions about learning for yourself, your child or your organisation. I love to answer your questions, so feel free to give me a call – 0427 452 656, a skype – ann.oliveri or send me an […] Read More

Compassionate listening through storytelling

Listening to a story can connect the listener to the deeply fulfilling experience of compassionate listening, healing past hurts and validating the feelings of another and thus develop an important life long skill. We rarely have the experience of being deeply heard by others. Most of the time, others tune out while we speak. When […] Read More

Honouring the past though storytelling

The National Storytellers Network sees storytelling as a form of human expression where, “there are many cultures on earth, each with rich traditions, customs and opportunities for storytelling. All these forms of storytelling are valuable. All are equal citizens in the diversity of storytelling.”

It is through exposure to this diversity that a rich tapestry of experience is created, which helps the child not only appreciate his/her own cultural heritage but the heritage of others as well.

Help for ESL Tutors

Tutoring Newly Arrived Students in English can be fun and challenging. Here are some resources to help. Australian Sites MATHS DICTIONARY – an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 600 common mathematical terms in simple language MATHS WORKSHEETS @ Teach Your Children Well – hundreds of worksheets for primary students From Around the […] Read More

Alcohol and Kids Don’t Mix

There is a lot being said about the damaging effects of alcohol on the young mind in the press right now. According to the team at Murdock Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, teenagers who drink even small amounts of alcohol have significantly higher risk of developing alcohol abuse or risky sexual behaviour as a young […] Read More

What is patience?

Watch this… You’ll be glad you did When teaching your child about patience, it’s good to have thought through what it means to you. When I try to define patience I like to quote Popov, Patience is quiet hope and expectation based on trust that, in the end, everything will be OK. It means waiting. […] Read More

Home Reading Help

This is the second in the series, “How to help your child with reading homework.” Last we spoke about helping your child become an independent reader suggesting that it’s best to give your child control in the process of reading, for example they hold the book and turn the pages themselves. Teacher talk for this […] Read More

Tips for Home Reading

How to help your child with reading at home.

Help Your Teenager Get Organised

How do you get your teenager to buy into being organised? If you have a teenager at home you’ll know deciding things for themselves is very important to them. Just telling them doesn’t work anymore, does it? Here’s a way for them to discover that getting organised, setting goals and planning time are vital skills […] Read More

What Children Really Want

Forget the latest toys and gadgets, a recent study by leading child psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson has revealed: “Reading is so popular with kids that it was voted their favourite pastime with a parent (51%), ahead of other forms of entertainment such as watching television (17%) and playing video games (7%).” Almost two thirds of […] Read More